PSA: ⬆️ Fresh air intake and cleaning rotations 👍

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📢 PSA: Surface cleaning & increase that HVAC to 100% Fresh Air intake

Start 2021 off well and get that airflow up and increase cadence of common area surface cleaning.

🌇 Clean air: Where possible, increase the buildings fresh air intake to as close to 100% and have re-circulation limited where possible.”

This week’s announcements from Pullman Hotel Isolation facility and the generally hot summer temperatures we’re experiencing suggest that if you look after an highly occupied building - increase your fresh air intake now and increase the cadence of surface cleaning.

Many of you actioned these quickly this time last year and as our cities get moving again, it’s important to check on how it’s going.

That way, we can all feel like Nicolas Cage below.

🏭 The rise of Industrial micro-units

Reading any report on Industrial property right now will tell you about the shortage of useable industrial space in central urban areas.

Queue the Industrial micro-units developments.

Perfect for small scale distribution, storage, or to act as a workshop, micro-units are a growing trend in city fringe locations.

Conrad Properties’ The Workshop development in Wellington

👨‍🏭 Making life easy for contractors since aaages ago!

We’re obsessed with making life easier for everyone involved in the maintenance workflow.

Take a look at our latest changes to our contractor view.

Now you can add comments, complete a checklist, mark as done and sign off a task on mobile or ipad when you’re out at site.

🎵 Podcasts

I’m sure I wasn’t alone in finding some great podcasts over the summer. On our must-listen list:

🤔 Work smarter, not harder

Our mantra is to work smarter, not harder when looking after Industrial properties. As such, we’re a firm believer in safe traffic management systems.

Check out this classic video from NSW Roads on the importance of linemarkings to see where it all came from. #historyiscool

Stay safe out there,

The Frankie team