Happy New Year!

There is no second | 2021: The Year of Maintenance | #worksmarter

⛵️There is no second

Walking around Auckland, it’s fascinating to see the America’s Cup village taking off along the viaduct.

It’s so cool to see the competition come alive in the Hauraki gulf!

👷 Why you and your team should double down on maintenance in 2021?

In 2021, businesses cannot afford surprises and it’s for a reason you wouldn’t expect. 

It’s not for lack of business activity. What covid lockdowns proved last year is that we’re adaptable; that for many agricultural and construction businesses, business wasn’t too bad. 

But - supply chains and delivery times are proving to be a limitation. 

In Wellington, car servicing companies were required to lease warehouse space due to a 12 week delay on key parts. 

In Auckland, a building product company has been waiting 5 weeks and counting for a bespoke product from Singapore. 

We’re doubling down on maintenance and we think you should too. 

Here’s how:

  1. Map your property portfolio and assess the condition of the sites. Please note: This may require a quick phone call with key contractors or a more comprehensive assessment 

  2. Review OPEX and CAPEX plans in light of the assessment focusing on the riskiest assets e.g. roofs, roller doors 

  3. Map a servicing schedule and load into Frankie

  4. Manage consistently over the next 12 months 

Frankie is property software built for the Industrial properties to prevent maintenance disasters. 

We take the stress out of working with your contractors so you can get ahead of that to do list. 



In this week’s edition of #worksmarternotharder - we take a look under the hood of the AC75.

Their foiling wings enable them to reach speeds of up to 100km / hour!

Nga mihi,

Georgie and the Frankie team