🌧️ Water do you think about this?

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🌧️ Water and Warehouses

Water management is a hot topic in many cities across the Southern Hemisphere at present. Auckland, Australia, South Africa.

We talked to Edward Creedy from Mainfreight about water storage and reticulation at their Railway Lane site.

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⚙️ HVAC in the time of covid

Wondering what to do with your HVAC system to prevent covid transmission?

Well - REHVA, the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations - has just published some key information on the subject.

“The coronavirus particle is 80-160 nanometres (1 micron = 1,000 nanometres) and remains active in common indoor air conditions for up to three hours and two to three days on room surfaces.”

Key points include:

  1. Increase air supply and exhaust ventilation

  2. Use more window-driven natural ventilation

  3. Humidification has no practical effect

  4. Safe use of heat-recovery devices e.g. Based on current evidence, REHVA recommends turning off rotary heat exchangers temporarily during SARS-CoV-2 episodes.

  5. No use of recirculation e.g. The guidance document says virus particles in return ducts can re-enter a building if centralised air handling units have recirculation. 

  6. Duct cleaning has no practical effect

  7. Change of outdoor air filters not necessary

  8. Room-air cleaners can be useful

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